Thursday, February 8, 2018

New @ Wazoo - Early 2018 

Tune-yards “I Can Feel You…” CD/LP
Starcrawler “S/T” CD or LP
Anna Burch “Quit The Curse” LP or CD
Calexico “The Thread That Keeps Us” LP
Belle & Sebastian 
“How To Solve Human Problems” EP (pts. 2&3)
Ty Segall “Freedom’s Goblin” CD
Shins “Worm’s Heart” Remix? LP
First Aid Kit “Ruins” CD / LP
MGMT “Little Dark Age” CD/LP

Re-Issue /Archival

Velvet Underground “1969” new mix outakes 2LP
Beat Girls -1960s Spanish She Pop CD 
XTC “Black Sea” CD/Blu-ray Surround 
Warner’s Start Your Ear Off Right vinyl re-issues (LPs by John Prine, Aretha, Dio, Badfinger and more)
Brian Eno - Single LP editions of first 4 Solo 1970s LPs 
Roxy Music -1st (1972) album- 2CD Dlx/Exp Edition
Nina Simone “Complete Bethlehem Singles” Vinyl or CD
Funkadelic “Reworked By Detroiters” 
(2CDs of classics remixed by Current Motor City DJs)