Tuesday, August 14, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: DVDs ))))) Can, Paper Rad, Lightning Bolt

*** An entire Can concert, a documentary and more but without the CD (which makes it much cheaper!). A "must have."

LIGHTNING BOLT Power Of Salad & Milkshakes DVD
*** "LIGHTNING BOLT takes you on a trip across America with footage shot at nineteen performances with multiple, professional-grade cameras. Planet-flattening soundwaves, dancefloor-quaking rhythms, equipment breakdowns, weird-ass people, interviews, cops, bad weather--it's all here. Includes guest action from PINK & BROWN, two brain-melting animations, a poster gallery, and more."

PAPER RAD Taking Out The Trash/Faces In The Trash DVD
*** PAPER RAD is a Pittsburgh, PA/Northampton, MA collective that first started churning out cortex hemorrhaging lysergia comics and moved on to bands, videos, snack foods and installations. Past videos for the band for bands have included LIGHTNING BOLT and the PICK A WINNER video compilation. Think of this group showing up to the 80’s dance party with tazers and ketamine, and you waking up at the bottom of the ball tank at CHUCK E. CHEESE. This DVD includes lots of ephemera filling every color on the PANTONE wheel!