Tuesday, September 11, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: CDs ))))) Animal Collective, Kanye, Pinback, Young Marble Giants

*** "A collection of kamelan style music recorded in and around Bamako and Bougouni, Mali by Yaala Yaala founder JACK CARNEAL. The music is primarily performed on ngonis (homemade spike lutes) and is often accompanied by someone scraping on an nkerinye (a tube of hollow metal). Featured artists are LASSINABE DIAKITE, AMADOU DIAKITE, LE VIEUX, and DRISSA SANGARE."

50 CENT Curtis CD
*** Ah, perhaps you've heard of 50 Cent. Maybe you've even heard of his "feud" with KANYE WEST, whose new album is also out this week! Featuring EMINEM, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, MARY J BLIGE, AKON, ROBIN THICKE, and more.

*** AC's latest blur of wildness, cacophony, brilliance, and sweetheartedness. AVEY TARE and PANDA BEAR handled the lyrics and Avey does most of the singing. Though still sounding distinctly like AC, the jams have a completely revitalized sound.

BLACK LIPS Good Bad Not Evil CD
*** "13 loud, dirty pop songs from 'one of the best live bands in America' - Rolling Stone"

CLUSTER Zuckerzeit CD
*** "Originally released in 1974, Zuckerzeit marked a turning point for these seminal German space rockers. Recorded shortly after their move away from the metropolis of Berlin, it sees some of the abrasiveness of their earlier material slightly diffusing. With the addition of proto drum machines and the producing talents of Michael Rother, their sound here, 'while remaining firmly in anchored in experimental territory,' has more pop sensibility."

*** "Ani's hand-picked essential collection spanning 1990-2007 featuring five new versions of Ani classics."

THE GO! TEAM Proof Of Youth CD
*** Includes limited edition bonus disc of b-sides and remixes.

HOT HOT HEAT Happiness Ltd. CD
*** Featuring three singles and some other songs.

NUMBERS Now You Are This CD
*** "Butterfly caught in a spider web. Shattered stained glass windows. Three legged dogs. A black eye on your best friend. There isn’t an easy comparison for the dire, wounded poise of this record, a secret pact between beauty and fear. The songs are pensive and worry-stained, all minimal, bluntly entrancing riffs, insistent drumming, and tense, reverberant synthesizers. The futuristic propulsion of Kraftwerk filtered through the raw-knuckled roughness of Suicide? Surprisingly, the most disquieting aspect of the songs is their subtle charm; thirteen tracks of dazed and charged near-collapse that unexpectedly catch in your mind, echoing their haunted buzz for days and weeks after the record ends."

OAKLEY HALL I'll Follow You CD
*** Hm...the label chose not to give a description for this item except to say they've toured with M. WARD, THE CONSTANTINES, CALEXICO, GILLIAN WELCH, and BRIGHT EYES. That should give you some idea.

PEKOS / YORO DIALLO Pekos / Yoro Diallo CD
*** "The debut release (one of three initial offerings) on Drag City’s latest sub-label, Yaala Yaala--founded by JACK CARNEAL and dedicated to releasing unheard music from West Africa, with a particular emphasis on Mali. PEKOS and YORO DIALLO play electrified ngonis--large spike lutes made of wood, gourds and strings (often fishing line)--in the kamelan or “youth” style."

PINBACK Autumn Of The Seraphs 2xCD
*** "Autumn of the Seraphs pushes forward and upward. Its melodies are more dynamic and aggressive, while still gently pulling you back in again and again. While entirely recorded in the band’s home studios once again, this record is tighter, the drumming more immediate and crisp." LIMITED EDITION BONUS DISC INCLUDED.

PINK FLOYD The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 3xCD+BOOK
*** Disc 1 is the mono version of the album and disc 2 is the stereo version -- both are drastically different mixes from one another. Disc three is comprised of singles, edits and alternate versions. RIPSYD.

*** "This band is all about the rush, the emotion, the infectious melodies that along with youth, good hair, and the endless pursuit of love make up the foundation of all great pop music." Haha. Produced by Bjorn of PETER, BJORN, & JOHN.

KANYE WEST Graduation CD
*** Perhaps you've heard of him! At the time I write this, we are sold out. It'll be back in on Wednesday!

*** Subtitled: "Colossal Youth & Collected Works. "One of the definitive records of the post-punk era. For the first time, all the band's released recordings have been brought together to provide the most complete YMG release." Collects two complete albums, an EP, a single, a comp track, and a 1980 Peel Sessions. Liner notes by Simon Reynolds.