Tuesday, October 16, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl ))))) Kompakt, Soul Jazz, & more

V/A Brazil 70 -- After Tropicalia 2xLP/CD
*** On SOUL JAZZ. Brazil 70 follows Brazilian music in the 1970s in the aftermath of Tropicalia and as the country's dictatorship entered its most oppressive phase. Musicians and artists from the Tropicalia period of the late-60s such as Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee (Os Mutantes lead-singer) and Gal Costa entered a new phase mixing rock, funk, samba and soul alongside a wealth of like-minded new artists such as Novos Baianos, Raul Seixas, Nelson Angelo and Joyce and more."

V/A Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 EP
*** The first of five EPs from Third Ear of their Detroit Beatdown series. First up in DB2 is EP1: The 'Black' EP." Included here: DJ Minx, Reggie Dokes, Smith, Black Art Music.

BABY OLIVER Feelings 2/Shot Caller 12"
*** "Check out the new record from new Environ act, Baby Oliver! More hot and twisted tracks for disco jackers and neurotic nu-romantics... you don't want to miss it. Baby Oliver's jams slice across genre divides and sound like nothing else coming out! Sure to drive your dancefloors wild."

BORATTO, GUI Chromophobia Remixe Part 2 12"
*** The second part of the Chromophobia Remixe series is purely dedicated to "Beautiful Life." The original version got re-mastered and re-cut in order to blow up each and every open-air summer jam. Gui Boratto himself provides a dense remix that translates the exuberant original into a dark and sexy club version. BPitch's Sascha Funke did what he does best: he transformed "Beautiful Life" into a cheeky little heartbreaker.

SOUNDMURDERER + SK1 Soundmurderer + SK1 2xLP
*** "Compilation of some of the best tracks from the Detroit jungle label Rewind by Soundmurderer (aka Todd Osborn) and SK-1 (aka Tadd Mullinix). Rewind are leaders of a wave of American junglists obsessed with the development of the original ruffneck ragga and frenetic breakbeat sound."

STUDIO Life's a Beach! 12"
*** Mixes by Prins Thomas & Todd Terje. "Sweden's Studio make beautiful organic electronic music that falls midway between dance/indie and electronica. Here the Norwegian kings of nu-disco remix the bands signature release to devastating effect. Latter day comparisons would read Cluster / Neu / La Dusseldorf / Kraftwerk / Manuel Gottsching."

STUDIO West Coast 2xLP/CD
*** "This is the first full-length album by Studio, finally given a full-fledged release after a limited release disappeared from the racks last year. West Coast will appeal to fans of the new slo-mo Italo disco and is the missing link between The Cure and Lindstrøm touching on Can, Neu, Happy Mondays and The Smiths in their creation of an Afrobeat-dub-disco-indie-pop adventure."

SUPERMAYER Two of Us 12"
*** Supermayer are Superpitcher and Michael Mayer, the super-power duo who will the save the world of techno. "Two of Us" is an irresistible bass-driven groove that steamrolls the first three minutes until the glockenspiel puts a magic spell on the dancefloor. On the flipside, Geiger delivers a killer remix in a deeper, dubby fashion without missing the euphoric peak of the original. Last but not least, Supermayer bring back the glockenspiel for an excessive DJ tool. Its mantra-like repetition sounds like a message.