Tuesday, November 6, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: DVD ))))) Can, Neil Young, Otis Redding, Make Up, & more

*** Much cheaper non-CD version of this ridiculously great document on one of Germany's most influential bands. Includes a full concert, documentary, tribute by BRIAN ENO, and more.

MAKE UP In Film / On Video DVD
*** Awesome DVD collection of the Blue Is Beautiful "documentary" (including scenes from the late, great Zoots in Detroit) bookended by four videos with previously unreleased versions of songs, 43 minutes of live footage, and an excerpt from a German TV show (!).

RADIO ON by Christopher Petit DVD
*** BACK IN STOCK! "The 1979 post-punk classic, with music by DAVID BOWIE, KRAFTWERK, STING, LENE LOVICH, & more." Co-produced by WIM WENDERS.

OTIS REDDING Dreams To Remember: The Legacy Of... DVD
*** "First-ever full length DVD featuring the soul music legend!"

SPEND AN EVENING WITH SADDLE CREEK The First Ten Years of Saddle Creek Records DVD
*** A feature-length documentary on the first ten years of Omaha record label Saddle Creek featuring pretty much everyone on the Saddle Creek roster incuding BRIGHT EYES, THE FAINT, and some others.

NEIL YOUNG Rust Never Sleeps DVD
*** 1978 "concert fantasy" was picked by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the "greatest live performances of the last twenty years."