Thursday, May 22, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word

"Forget such flamboyant cover stars such as Genesis, Yes and ELP -- what of the truly progressive international rock musicians who started their own hybrid-hurricanes outside the rectangular iris of Prog's media storm? What about the unintentionally progressive musicians from the far reaches of the globe who were forced to create their own brand of psychedelic rock in a country shielded from the influence of the western world? Even though most of the 15 tracks on this compilation were recorded over 30 years ago they still, individually embody a wide range of challenging progressive musical ideas which are as relevant today as they were when the vinyl first came off the press in each of their scattered countries of origin."

The brilliance of this compilation is so intense, one can't help but me tanned by the brilliant light! Artists: Picchio dal Pozzo, Visitors, Baris Manco, Phillipe Besombes Drugi Nacin, Bran, Breakout, Martin Kratochvil, San Ul Lim, Egg, 3 Hurel, Illes, Jean Claude Vannier, Embryo, Czerwone Gitary, Jazz Q.