Thursday, July 17, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Andrew Pekler's Cue

"Inspired by library music and the anonymous composers and musicians who create it, ANDREW PEKLER conceived and produced Cue. Starting from short expository phrases setting forth a track's instrumentation, mood and development (reproduced on the back cover), Pekler attempted to construct pieces to fit these specific criteria. On the whole it is a vibrant, playful album with the occasional somber passage providing some contrast to the predominantly ebullient tone. Piano and analog synthesizer sounds abound while percussion (when used) is typically reduced to a minimum of tom toms, bells and unidentified noises."

Following some beat-heavy work, Pekler has stripped it down and started from the ground up with something a little stranger, a bit more peculiar.... Thankfully, the greatness of the work can be measured in spades. Sounding something like an updated BBC Radiophonic Library workshop; textures bubble up and ring out, patterns shifting over one another in a warm analog playscape.