Tuesday, April 28, 2009

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: CDs ))))) Dylan, Acid Mothers Temple, Spiritual Jazz, Mr. Lif

v/a SPIRITUAL JAZZ - Esoteric, Modal + Deep Jazz From The Underground 1968-1977 CD
*** RECOMMENDED "STONES THROW subsidiary Now-Again Records in conjunction with JAZZMAN presents an expanded version of the compilation that introduced many listeners to the sound of the unsung musicians who, in the midst of the Vietnam War and the fallout of the Civil Rights struggle, created some of the most beautiful spiritual and meditative music of the era. The music was at times funky, at times contemplative, but it always strived to say something about the world in which the musicians lived. With this anthology we evaluate "Spiritual Jazz", Jazz created in the era after John Coltrane, a time which saw the evolution of an underground jazz that spoke about the reform of the soul, the reform of the spirit, and the reform of society. There are songs from prison bands, Egyptian big bands, high school jazz ensembles, African musicians gigging with free jazz legends, and African American jazz heroes."

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Interstellar Guru & Zero CD
*** "A two-track lucid hallucination which will blow away the listener in one of the weirdest trips ever. Cosmic explosions intense and highly unforgettable. The 'loop of the universe.'"

BOB DYLAN Together Through Life CD
BOB DYLAN Together Through Life 2xCD+DVD
*** "Bob Dylan's latest studio album was recorded late last year and features 10 new songs. This will be the 46th release from Dylan." Deluxe edition includes episode 17 of Dylan's radio show and a DVD outtake from No Direction Home.

MR. LIF I Heard It Today CD
*** "Mr. Lif's coup du sort about the current political issues and agendas Americans and the global community are facing: fear, paranoia, and angst as the U.S. economy collapsed and the bailout bill passed, self hatred in the Black community, and the housing crisis are just a few of the topics touched on."

*** "2nd album from Erland Oye, formerly of KINGS OF CONVENIENCE. Less Indie Pop and more Disco, Rules is both a step forward for the band AND a look back at their influences."