Tuesday, June 2, 2009

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl ))))) Amadou & Mariam, Beck, Townes & someone else...

*** "A sensual homage to the most raunchy, erotic filmmusic from the vaults of Italian '60s & '70s cinema." Feat. RIZ ORTOLANI, BRUNO NICOLAI, PIERO PICCIONI and others. Limited to 1000 copies.

v/a SHAKE SAUVAGE: French Soundtracks 1968-1976 LP
*** "Laid-back grooves, killer funky tracks, hammond organ madness and sexy lounge. Essential." Limited to 1000 copies.

AMADOU & MARIAM Welcome To Mali 2xLP+CD
*** "True to their core sound, their horizons have expanded a bit, the spotlight firmly back on their unique mix of sweet melodies and funky rhythms, driven by Amadou's bluesy guitar and the duo's compelling voices."

BECK One Foot In The Grave 2xLP
*** 180g.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Big Whiskey 2xLP+7" / CD+7"
*** "The long-awaited brand new studio album." Bonus 7" with purchase. Actually, we just sold out. Check back Wednesday!

TOWNES VAN ZANDT Live At The Old Quarter, Houston TX LP
*** 180g.

GERT WILDEN & ORCHESTRA Schulmadchen Report LP
*** "Music from Schoolgirl Report & other music from sexy German films (1968-1972). Limited to 1000 copies.