Tuesday, October 6, 2009

((( EVENTS ))) Blues Control + Tyvek + Mean Mugger

A show on Sunday night?? Yeah, but it's going to be a doozy, my friend. If this show was a vinyl record, you'd play it into unplayability. If it was a CD, it would melt in your discman. If it was an iPod, well, fuck iPods!!! Three killer performances seemingly from the center of the earth, ready & able to melt your mind & your face, here's the spiel...

With albums on Holy Mountain, Fusetron & Siltbreeze, their underground pedigree cannot be touched. Their music has been described as "beauteous extrapolations into the miasmic core of psychedelia and billowing fog of ambient space" but hey, there's a little boogie rock in their these days too. Unlike anything else, you just have to taste this.

Do you know Tyvek? Come now -- you KNOW Tyvek. Ramshackle brilliance, threatening to fall apart at any moment but just about the most solid thing on earth too. It's like punk, but it's not -- it's TYVEK. Strange, I know.

This guy did/does serious time in Detroit's YOUU., which is/was one of the most exciting things to play behind BMX stunt footage. It was all bottles of wine littering the stage as they did their dark-jams-in-muddy-mudwater jams. But this isn't YOUU., and it isn't me; it's MEAN MUGGER. And he doesn't even have a MySpace, but check this out anyway:

This is a HOTT LAVA production, meaning there'll be plenty of psychedelic visuals & possibly a short film. Forest Juziuk of DARK MATTER will play records in between acts. Join us, won't you?

Dreamland Theater
26 N. Washington St.
Ypsilanti MI 48197


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