Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl - Tyvek, Rites Of Spring, Mi Ami, Caribou, Black Tambourine...

BABY DEE A Book Of Songs For Anne LP / CD
*** "After seeing the overwhelming response to Safe Inside The Day in February 2008, the peerless Baby Dee returns with A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie, essentially a prequel to Safe Inside The Day."

*** "2010 retrospective includes everything ever released by the late '80s/early '90s D.C. Indie Pop band that included members of Velocity Girl. Features four new songs that the band reunited to record, including Buddy Holly and Suicide covers."

*** "With its absorption of club culture sounds weaved within subtle pop frameworks, Swim is Caribou's masterpiece the record he's wanted to bring to fruition for as long as he's been making music."

CRYSTAL ARK City Never Sleeps 12"
*** "Long-term DFA stalwart Gavin Russom returned home from Brazil with not only a love for the music he'd discovered there -- Carioca Funk, atabaque drumming, Tropicalia, South American-style rave -- but also a newfound source of inspiration for his own meticulously crafted recordings."

FARAH Gay Boy 12"
*** "Probably the strangest record Italians Do It Better have ever heard. Imagine LL Cool J’s 'I Need Love' and the Shangri-las 'Leader of the Pack' through the eyes of a valley girl on lithium."

MAZZY STAR So Tonight That I Might See LP
*** "MAZZY STAR’s second album, a beautiful, gently psychedelic, folk-rock album and one of the greatest 'alternative' records of the 1990s gets deluxe vinyl treatment."

MI AMI Cut Men 12"
*** BACK IN STOCK! "Mi Ami's Thrill Jockey debut with their most dynamic track to date; 'Cut Men' is a blazing, raucous commentary on the alienation with American male/'dude' culture. The B-side is a heavy, deep, and oblique dub re-visioning." Out of print & sold out, we picked up copies from the band.

MI AMI Steal Your Face LP / CD
*** RECOMMENDED & BACK IN STOCK! "A joyful noise at the intersection of vicious high-energy. In this climate, when pretty much every band has some dub records at home and a myriad of musical influences have been rendered mundane, Mi Ami defines itself by turning inward. Transformed from a “fun time party band” into a lean, tight, near-telepathic unit, Mi Ami have turned in their finest recording." Vinyl is sold out in the U.S. but we picked up some more copies.

MICHOACAN In The Dark Of The Night 12"
*** "Punch-drunk, flanging keyboard; sauntering basslines, a springy, funk bounce; tripped-out, multi-tracked vocals. It's like David Byrne with funk aspirations and a vaguely cosmic feel." On DFA.

JONAS REINHARDT Powers Of Audition LP / CD
*** JONAS REINHARDT continues his cosmic flight inward on a mesmerizing journey to cracked and digitized moonscapes. This is music of the spheres for an electronic era where new age visions are re-imagined through a lens of experimental rock." Feat. Damon Palermo of MI AMI.

*** Featuring Guy & Brendan of FUGAZI, this was a monumental album for Washington D.C. as well as progenitor of a new style of emotional rock music. Now remastered on vinyl with the download.

SHE & HIM In The Sun 7"
*** “Guest vocals by TILLY AND THE WALL, this the first single from Volume Two."

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Inflammable Material LP
*** NOW ON VINYL! 180g treatment.

TYVEK Blunt Instrumental EP 12"
*** "Absolutely killer stuff here on this deluxe arted-out vinyl reissue of a limited tour cassette. While not all instrumental, there's a step forward into a more groove-oriented, noisy jammy territory while simultaneously returning to the sound of the early singles."

VEX'D Cloud Seed 2xLP / CD
*** "Cloud Seed is comprised of original music intended for the group's never-released sophomore album, plus rarely heard remixes from the same era. Expertly sequenced to flow like a full album, it's an addendum to the career of Vex'd (who rarely work together anymore), made from the best of their work."