Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl - Maurizio Bianchi, ARP & Anthony Moore, New Blockaders & Das

*** "ARP & Anthony Moore contribute an album of modern minimalist compositions culled from reworkings of some of Moore's unreleased late '60s compositions and the incorporation of actual extant tapes from that time, to the newly minted pieces by ARP along with new accompaniments to the original recordings. Neither a 'Krautrock or art rock LP but a bona fide minimal classic.'" Limited to 550 copies.

*** "Highly coveted classic 1983 LP by Italian noise/sound visionary M.B. at his most crucial turning point, delving into the uncharted waters he aptly titled 'bionic music', blending organic electronics with contorted sounds of the human body to compose one of the most interesting ambient records to date." Limited to 500 copies.

DAS Non-Chalant LP
DAS Artfact LP

*** "Destined to be renowned as an all-time private press, basement classic, Non-Chalant has been compared to Captain Beefheart, Lou Reed, CAN, and Steely Dan but Das himself said 'I just want to make music that sounds like what I used to hear on WABX." Limited to 300 copies.

THE NEW BLOCKADERS Crincum-Crancum / Meta-Klamauk LP
*** "Imagine a tall grain silo, full of corn, but riddled by some horrible infestation of insect. Put your ear to the hot metal and hear the things inside that are eating and eating, stirring the contents with their activity. Surprising presence of some actual pitches(!) amidst all the scraping. Edition of 300, already getting tough to score."