Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: CDs - The Books, Mahjongg, Endless Boogie & more

THE BOOKS The Way Out 2xLP / CD
*** "The Way Out continues the Books’ tradition of meticulous, existential songcraft, infusing the playfully surreal elements of previous albums with a humorous, childlike excitement. The Books have mastered the precarious balance of beauty, absurdity and accessibility."

ENDLESS BOOGIE Full House Head 2xLP / CD
*** "Deep, heady grooves in seven glorious tracks plus a goddamn epic rehearsal jam. Someone said 'it could be the first masterpiece of the new decade.'"

HEALTH Disco2 2xLP / CD
*** "HEALTH's GET COLOR morphs into an electronic masterpiece w/ help from Tobacco, Nite Jewel, Crystal Castles, Salem, Javelin, and Gold Panda among others."

INFINITE BODY Carve Out The Face Of My God LP / CD
*** BACK IN STOCK! RECOMMENDED "INFINITE BODY casts aside harshness, transforming noise into a lush and bright planetary awakening. Drawing the harmony of the spheres into his brain and channeling it to recorded medium causing sound to bloom where there once was only darkness!!!! Yes!"


MAHJONGG The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger LP / CD
*** RECOMMENDED "Mahjongg invented a new style of music called Chicagotronics: a wall of sound command center with drums and humans. They sing together and dance all crazy and there’s this laser going. It’s great. Dance detectives take the smooth boat through choppy waters. No one with ears will listen and be depressed."

MONO Holy Ground: Live 3xLP+CD / CD+DVD
*** "To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band, MONO and Temporary Residence Limted organized a once-in-a-lifetime concert in New York City with a 24-piece orchestra. Included with the album is a stunning live DVD documenting the entire 90-minute performance."

*** "Originally conceived as a Royal Ballet-commissioned collabo, 'Infra' comprises music written for piano, electronics and string quintet, including the full performance score as well as add'l material that compels and mesmerizes!"

ZEENA PARKINS Between The Whiles CD
*** "Having collaborated with artists ranging from Sonic Youth to Yoko Ono to Bjork, Zeena Parkins proves it: The classical harp is really a rock 'n' roll instrument. Forget angelic choirs; Zeena is the Jimi Hendrix of the amplified harp with more soar, shimmer, screech, whine and wail than ever before."

*** "An album about Brian Wilson and young people, drawing on fractured psych, girl groups and minimalist composers and is a kaleidoscopic, strangely moving whole created of disparate pieces."

THE WAR ON DRUGS The Wagonwheel Blues CD
*** "The War On Drugs push the boundaries of a quintessentially American music. Guitars soar and colorful clouds roll past whatever sun or moon you are cruising under, evoking waves of nostalgia that grow more poignant with each new bump along the road."