Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl - Neu!, No Age, Miles Davis, Arrington de Dionyso

ARRINGTON de DIONYSO Malaikat dan Singa LP / CD
*** RECOMMENDED "Malaikat Dan Singa is a collection of throbbing, hallucinogenic, trance-inducing Indonesian-sung trans-utopian cosmic post-punk sounds from OLD TIME RELIJUN's Arrington de Dionyso. And you can dance to it."

ARRINGTON de DIONYSO I See Beyond The Black Sun LP
*** Climb the color spectrum with OLD TIME RELIJUN's Arrington (d) D! Rhythmic drones, deceptive gradient shifts, culminating cathartic conclusions, and propulsive mythical beasts are all yours to be had!

MILES DAVIS Bitches Brew 40th 2xLP+3xCD+DVD
*** Yow! Perhaps you've heard of Miles Davis! One of his craziest records gets some crazy reissue treatment in a big, fancy box. You won't believe it! On sale.

NEU! Neu! '86 LP
*** Whoa!! The lost Neu! album (a version of which was once bootlegged by Klaus Dinger as Neu! 4) has finally been released! Michael Rother spent a year tweaking the jams that are distinctly Neu! but with a completely different '80s flavor. Hard to explain exactly but you'll know it when you hear it.

NO AGE Glitter 7"
NO AGE Glitter 12"

*** New single from the forthcoming No Age album "Everything in Between." Different b-sides for each format!

OLD TIME RELIJUN Catharsis In Crisis LP / CD
*** RECOMMENDED "The ferocity of OTR draws listeners deep into a world where language, rhythm and unrepentant libido collide. This music is temperamental, unwieldy and unyielding; and it cuts you to the bone. And it's terrible background music!"

TOM WAITS Mule Variations 2xLP