Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: CDs - Eno, Weezer, Neu!, Elvis Costello, Diplo & more!

*** "A grand cast of Mali's finest musicians collaborate with some of Cuba's most brilliant singers and instrumentalists for an album that throws the elements of Cuban and African music in the air and lets them fall in entrancing new patterns."

*** "Elvis Costello + T Bone Burnett + the Imposters and Sugarcanes + Vince Gill, Marc Ribot, Buddy Miller and Leon Russell. All of these songs are newly composed by Costello."

DIPLO Presents Blow Your Head: Dubstep CD
*** We feature 16 tracks here, some brand new and unreleased, some classics, some overlooked sleepers - all hand selected by Diplo as his favorites from across the spectrum of this burgeoning, multi-faced genre.

BRIAN ENO Small Craft On A Milk Sea CD
*** ''A collaboration between Eno, Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins resulting from improvisation. There is no singer, no narrator, no guide as to what you ought to be feeling. They are the mirror-image of silent movies - sound-only movies.' On WARP.

NEU! Neu! 86 CD
*** RECOMMENDED NOW ON CD! "New version of the semi-legally 'Neu 4' album remixed, reworked and remastered from the original multi-track tapes by Michael Rother."

*** BACK IN STOCK! "Third album by Thomas Meluch aka Benoit Pioulard. Thomas has a preternatural ability to weave disparate sound components into a cohesive sonic tapestry, mixing a varied palette of field recordings and percussive elements along with melancholy melodies to create songs that recall -- and are akin to -- vespers of long-buried memories."

WEEZER Pinkerton Deluxxxe 2xCD
*** "Though tagged a disappointment upon its 1996 release, Pinkerton has enjoyed a complete critical & commercial turnaround. Here is the original Weezer-produced album remastered w/ 25 contemporaneous bonus tracks, including every official B-side and 16 previously unreleased recordings."