Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl - Zombi, Ebo, Dengue Fever & Pink Floyd

DENGUE FEVER Cannibal Courtship LP+MP3
*** Dengue Fever, with their exotic blend of Cambodian rock, Afro grooves, surf and garage psych, returns with Cannibal Courtship, the group's first studio album since 2008's Venus on Earth and their Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group debut. Includes MP3s + bonus track.

PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon LP+STUFF
*** BACK IN STOCK! Killer reissue of the classic album including the original inserts, etc. This is the best version of this album, period.

EBO TAYLOR Life Stories: Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1973-1980 2xLP / CD
*** "This compilation revisits this heyday of Taylor’s work, exploring unique fusions and borrowing elements from regional Ghanaian folk music, Afrobeat, jazz, soul and funk. Taylor studied music alongside FELA KUTI too."

ZOMBI Escape Velocity LP / CD
*** "ZOMBI continues their exploration of Giorgio Moroder and legendary Kraut Rock icons Neu & Harmonia. The sweeping synth sequences & pulsing rhythms are sometimes dancey, sometimes reflective, but always hypnotic."