Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEW ARRIVALS: VINYL - Innergaze, Ice Cube, Beirut, Daft Punk & more

*** BACK IN STOCK! "Following the success of Psych Funk 101, Brasilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas should serve as a master class for those entranced by the funky, heavy psychedelic wonders of the Tropicalia movement and all that it spawned."

BEIRUT The Rip Tide LP / CD
*** NOW ON VINYL! "Beginning life as small melodies conceived on piano or ukulele, the results sound like they were recorded in a single session, with exciting rhythms matching the upbeat horns and contrasting the mournful strings. The style that emerged belongs uniquely & distinctly to Beirut."

DAFT PUNK Discovery 2xLP

DJ DIAMOND Flight Muzik 2xLP
*** "DJ Diamond has an unusual ear for unexpected sonic and rhythmic combinations within the footwork template: his samples are often so thoroughly edited that they become tiny, trance-inducing, techno-like stabs with neon synths and loose, effects-laden drums."

ICE CUBE Kill At Will EP
*** "A seven-track postscript to AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted and a booming car tape for short drives, this is why people thought gangsta rap was a good idea at the time. Includes two of the darkest, toughest, truest tracks Cube's ever done."

INNERGAZE Shadow Disco 12"
*** RECOMMENDED “Bump & fuzz and slo-mo vo-co’s based on a lifetime of nighttimes, the syrup n’ synth soundstage for romance, tragedy, and a rorschach of broken dreams, disco balls and cracked make-up mirrors where you can’t find your fur coat." On 100% SILK.

MADLIB Shades Of Blue 2xLP
*** BACK IN STOCK! "Madlib was afforded the opportunity to mine the crates of Blue Note & delivers remixes and brand spanking new interpretations of Blue Note classics."

*** Hailed by FRED THOMAS as an "instant classic," here are ten tunes by PATRICK ELKINS & Co. including "Everything Smells Like Marijuana (To Me)."

THE RAPTURE In The Grace Of Your Love 2xLP / CD
*** "In the Grace of You Love exhibits a bold & euphoric sound that is definitively & distinctly like The Rapture. Immerse yourself as waves of optimism & introspection crash between angular guitars & pulsing synthesizers, pounding drums & sweet rhythmic lullabies."