Monday, October 1, 2012

New @ Wazoo - 10/2
Flying Lotus  "Until the Quiet Comes" LP or CD
Mountain Goats "Transcendental Youth" CD or LP
Beth Orton "Sugaring Season" CD
Tori Amos "Gold Dust" DLX cd/DVD
Van Morrison "Born To Sing-No Plan B" CD
Muse "The 2nd Law" CD

Recent Stragglers
How To Dress Well "Total Loss" CD
Mono "For My Parents" CD or LP
Maserati "VI" CD
Bill Fay "Life Is People" CD
Yeasayer "Fragrant World" CD or LP
Moon Duo "Circles" CD or LP
Ombre  (Juliana Barwick) "Believe You Me" LP
"Eraserhead" OST LP + 7"
Kanye West Presents "Good" Music CD
Massive Attack - 2 vinyl reissues
Soft Pack "Strapped" LP + free 7"