Sunday, May 20, 2007


Andrew Gaerig of Stylus Magazine cited Wazoo Records as one his favorite Midwest record shops in online magazine, Stylus. Read his article below and check the link at the bottom for the rest of the Midwest! Thanks, Andrew.

Wazoo Records 336 1/2 State St Ann Arbor, MI 48104

About: Located above a head shop in the middle of the University of Michigan campus, Wazoo makes the most of its pencil-thin space, using old wooden crates to house a surprisingly large slice of indie rock's catalog.

Specialty: Volumes and volumes of rock's back catalog, Wazoo makes hay off the classics other shops miss: The Pogues' If I Should Fall from Grace with God , Syd Barrett's Barrett, as well as stocking British imports before virtually everyone else: The Go! Team and Bloc Party come to mind.

What They're Missing: Vinyl selection could be stronger; they seem to be about two weeks behind on important electronic releases.

Why We Love It : The best moment every semester: strolling out of the Science Auditorium after your last final, walking across the street into Wazoo, and blowing a week or two's worth of wages in celebration. Freshman year I strolled in, picked up Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Califone's Sometimes Bad Weather Follows Good People and carried that last-day-of-school feeling throughout the summer.