Thursday, June 19, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Growing

GROWING The Soul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light CD
"On their second album, Growing's expansive palette blurs and disguises instrumental points of origin to a point where sheer sound defines itself with authority. Now a duo with Kevin Doria on bass and guitar and Joe Denardo on guitar, Growing have pushed into the manipulation of feedback, hiss and static; wringing out waves of delay from their amps while retaining an earthbound mastery of crushing riffage. These grainy textures contrast with a clean, pulsing lushness that carries traces of bird song and touch on natural environs and the passing of time."

A gorgeous, wild album of shimmering chords repeating & repeating & distorting & collapsing in on themselves alongside long, dense technicolor drones sounding a lot like synths but always guitar and bass. Truly majestic.