Thursday, June 26, 2008


MI AMI African Rhythms / Feel You b/w Clear Light 12"
"The debut 12-inch by San Francisco's own MI AMI. Through three tracks and roughly 18 minutes, Mi Ami call to mind the finest early Rough Trade groups, from the Pop Group to the Prats, where it wasn't uncommon to sink a dubbed-out bass line into a wall of guitar noise. Exploring drone, improvisation, dub and noise has served them well. Limited to 400 copies packaged in plain beige jackets."

Featuring two members of the defunct (and excellent) Black Eyes of Dischord Records, Mi Ami is ruling over the SF area, sometimes DJing sets, destroying house parties, and opening for the likes of Cluster(!!) among others. The tunes are pretty far out, polyrhythmic, danceable jams through a thick dub haze. Not to be slept on.