Tuesday, August 5, 2008

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: CDs ))))) Conor Oberst, Lou Reed, Brazilian Girls, Clinic & more

*** "Third album by the critically acclaimed group expands on their signature, multi-lingual sound while paying respect to their international roots and the city where they got their start." BAABA MAAL guests.

*** "Ten years of Clinic flipsides are joyously addled but have consistently given a reason to listen beyond the A-sides, covering acid punk to damaged hoedowns and any stops in between."

*** "Fate is the record Dr. Dog were destined to make, a timeless yet contemporary distillation of the band's open-armed, big-hearted sound taken to new heights of craft and creativity. Inventive, magnificently realized, and absolutely irresistible."

THE FAINT Fasciinatiion CD
*** "The vocals sound less human than ever before; the bass lines are more mangled, keyboards spiral and squeal out of control; electronic pings and stabs invade the melodies; the lyrical anxiety and disdain of previous albums pervades on every song."

IDA My Fair My Dark CD
*** "This seven song mini album features guest appearances by LEVON HELM, Michael Hurley, and Tara Jane O'Neil, and includes covers of songs by John Martyn, Dolly Parton, and Annie Briggs."

RANDY NEWMAN Harps & Angels CD
*** "Randy Newman's first studio album of all new material in nearly a decade is, by turns, hilarious, poignant and scathingly satirical. 'Harps and Angels' often has an easy going Crescent City feel, with Newman on piano fronting a small combo and revealing his serious love and study of the New Orleans piano tradition."

*** BRIGHT EYES frontman's first true solo album in over a decade as played by the Mystic Valley Band(!), recorded in a mountain valley and unaware of the hour of the day.

ONEIDA Preteen Weaponry CD
*** "'Preteen Weaponry' reminds Oneida of what a live performance might sound like. It contains captured improvisational moments married with craft. You can consider it an introduction to their forthcoming triple album 'Rated O.'"

LOU REED Coney Island Baby + Berlin 2xCD
*** Two of Lou's classics married in one package -- outside of this package, 'Berlin' isn't available domestically. Remastered.

TAMBA TRIO The Miraculous... CD
*** RECOMMENDED DUSTY GROOVES says "The CD is one of the best introductions to their work we've ever seen. Nearly 3 albums' worth of music from the legendary Tamba Trio -- one of the grooviest groups in the 60s bossa years in Brazil! The trio are quite unique -- in that they not only play upbeat bossa rhythms, but also harmonize along with their grooves -- in a soaringly sublime quality that really electrifies the tunes!"