Thursday, August 7, 2008


"Recommended to Mush by Marcus Eoin of Boards Of Canada, the debut release from central England's Stephen Wilkinson (aka Bibio) is a triumph of saturation, distortion, and musical obscurity. Comprised of seventeen ambient songs built on samples of his own work rather than the work of others, fi is rich in musical imagery. Using manipulated live instrumentation, field recordings, and a strong portion of effects, Bibio's musical influences - the Incredible String Band, Joao Gilberto, My Bloody Valentine, Tortoise, and the producers of Warp Records - seep into his compositions. Bibio's debut is a revelation in the emotional power of lo-fi ambient compositions and clearly establishes him as a producer who has developed his own unique voice."

A gorgeous album of warped and damaged acoustic fingerpickings that Boards of Canada's Marcus Eoin calls "the antidote to the modern laptopia of pristine electronic music." This is solitary and moody enchantment, equally perfect for walks and road trips. For a slightly more frenetic workout, check Bibio's second album, Hand Cranked. A third record, Vignetting the Compost, should arrive later this year.