Tuesday, December 16, 2008

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl ))))) Japanther, Diplo, Wire, The Bug & more!

v/a BARRY 7's CONNECTORS Vol. 2 2xLP / CD
*** RECOMMENDED! Make that "highly recommended." This is another superb collection of library tracks compiled by Add N To (X) frontman, Barry 7 - but this time the tracks have come from the CAM library. Track 1's a DJ's dream. Really good stuff.

*** "First released in 1986, this collects BAMBAATAA’s classic 12"s from 1982-1984 combining the beats of hip hop with techno-pop futurism inspired by German pioneers Kraftwerk."

THE BUG Ganja (feat. Killa P. and Flowdan) 12"
*** "One can probably guess to what "Ganja" is an ode; The Bug's bass assault, combined with the rapid-fire lyrical mode of ROLL DEEP's FLOWDAN and KILLA P, gives off a skunky flavor of cannabis psychosis."

SCOTTY COATS & WES THE MES Double Fisted 12"
*** "First up is the nail-biting punk disco offering, 'Double Fisted.' The song's speaker-shredding synth line and drunken, chanted chorus is a valiant first stab at the disco dance charts. On the flip-side he creates a head-nodding Balearic version."

DIPLO Blow Your Head 12"+MP3
*** “DIPLO delivers his mutant-half breed-mongoloid version of the JB classic ‘Blow Your Head.’ Wicked wicked drums is all I have to say. ‘Must Be A Devil’ has a spaghetti western feel about it, another one of Diplo's strange concoctions that creeps into your brain. On the flip we get four remixes of ‘Wassup Wassup’.”

DJ AYERS & MATTY C Quarter Water Vol. 1 12"
*** "The first in a series of the freshest in party, house, and dance edits. Club-crushing anthems and dance edits guaranteed to bleed the bass from even the most expensive sound system."

JAPANTHER Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt LP / CD
*** "Japanther exist halfway in the world of performance art, and halfway in that of DIY punk. On the surface, that may sound like an odd combination, but this thing is truly a wild romp 'round Africa, the Bronx, San Pedro and Brooklyn, complete with faeries, bicycles and a few cans of spray paint. More focused and rad somehow."

JAPANTHER Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty LP
*** "Japanther gets points for making some of the most memorable, hummable and fun music of any art project in recent memory. Japanther is part Screamers intensity, part Misfits anthemery, part RZA samples/beats and part Lightning Bolt art/freakshow."

LAST STEP 1961 3xLP / 2xCD
*** "Everyone knows Funk as the pioneering breakcore producer, Venetian Snares, but Last Step's 1961 is a joyful collection of jumpy acid maneuvers, funky grooves, and kitsch beats."

MURCOF Versailles Sessions 2xLP
*** "Six compositions made entirely from recordings of 17th century baroque instruments and a mezzo soprano. The Versailles Sessions should not be considered as the successor to 2007's monumental Cosmos, rather as a special project preceding Murcof's next album proper."

NEW GRENADA Energy Shortage LP+MP3
*** METRO TIMES says Energy Shortage is "a concise, hyper-charged slice of indie rock goodness that surely ranks as one of the best records out of Detroit this year."

NITE JEWEL What Did He Say 12"
*** "Nite Jewel is the performing moniker of Ramona Gonzalez. Like her ex-pop peers, Ariel Pink and Geneva Jacuzzi, she records on an 8-track cassette deck, often composing her songs by layered tape edits. In Nite Jewel’s case, however, the quality of her chosen medium is a device to lend an ethereal kind of efficacy to the golden age of alternative disco. Influenced by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Debbie Deb, 90’s R&B, as well as Experimental, New Age, and Shoe Gaze."

OMAR RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus LP / CD
*** "One of four solo albums completed upon disbanding AT THE DRIVE IN. The record features tracks that were intended for eventual use by THE MARS VOLTA but reassigned, for one reason or another. Recorded only a few weeks after 'A Manual Dexterity Soundtrack, Vol. 1.'"

SUBMARINE RACES Hard To Look At, Easy To See LP+CD
*** "13 tracks that rock harder and are even more infectious than their debut. Adams's pop chops have never been sharper and his anglophile leanings recall the best tunes of Monochrome Set or Pastels."

WIRE Object 47 LP+12"
*** NOW ON VINYL! Contains the Read & Burn 03 EP.