Friday, December 12, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Dr. Delay's wizard rock!

*** From Dusty Groove: "An excellent mix of tripped-out, fuzzy psychedelic records from the 60s and 70s -- all served up by Dr Delay, who gave us the Rajaz Meter batch of Middle Eastern funk! REM Sleep is an assemblage of old, rare records presented in a seamless mix that's filled with plenty of surprises, and which should have us digging even deeper for rare rock gems from the end of the 60s. There's a slightly funky undercurrent to many numbers here, but funk isn't the main focus of the set. A total of 24 tracks."

REM Sleep is a "DJ mix" in that songs flow from one into the next like any other mix but this is some serious wizard rock! Perhaps considered un-mixable by others, these jams aren't particularly upbeat as they are just completely stoned out and drugged up, but it somehow *works* (and apparently Dr. Delay just bumped it off in one afternoon for a pal). It works so well that you'll think -- perhaps after imbibing -- that's it's one... long... awesome... song, dood.