Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: CASSETTE - Ou Où, Child & Swimsuit, Benoit Pioulard

CHILD First Set CS
*** "Two 9 1/2 minute versions of the first composition by Child, a.ka. Fred Thomas of City Center, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Billowing, et al. Different in form and execution, but recognizably the same piece. Way harsher and less ambient."

OU Où Baron Von Baron CS
*** "Debut from St. Louis drone/samplers/live loop/ambient outfit Ou Où. Recording took nearly a year, and the final album was whittled down from hours of tape, though the songs were all performed live with no overdubs. Hear it at: http://ouou.bandcamp.com/

*** "This album is a trip into meditative, mind-altering vistas; though still as lush and pretty as his albums, there is a greater sense of foreboding, of travel into the outer limits. Or... the inner limits? Mostly instrumental + one track with vocals -- an impossibly beautiful psych JAMMER that will demand repeat listening for all of autumn, and beyond."

*** "Made up of Shelley (ex-Tyvek), Amber (Dos Hermanos), Fred (City Center) and Dina (Secret Twins), 'Demo' is mostly instrumental, super tapey underwater jam. All songs repeat on both sides, but side B has an extra layer of exorbitant reverb to up the Black Tambourine/early MBV faction."