Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl - Joshua Abrams, The Rolling Stones, Benoit Pioulard

JOSHUA ABRAMS Natural Information LP
*** RECOMMENDED "At the heart of Natural Information is the guimbri, a three-stringed animal hide bass traditionally used by the Gnawa of North Africa in healing ceremonies. Combining solo, trio & quartet formats with adroit use of sampling techniques, Abrams creates intricate psychedelic environments that join the hypnotic, trance-like character of Gnawa guimbri music to more contemporary musics & methodologies. Brown Rice-era Don Cherry, Sandy Bull's 'Blend' recordings & Can's 'Magic' albums are super-heavy but in this case earned & appropriate points of historical reference. HQ-180 gram vinyl by RTI. Limited to 550 copies. Vinyl only!"

*** RECOMMENDED "Third album by Thomas Meluch aka Benoit Pioulard. Thomas has a preternatural ability to weave disparate sound components into a cohesive sonic tapestry, mixing a varied palette of field recordings and percussive elements along with melancholy melodies to create songs that recall -- and are akin to -- vespers of long-buried memories."

REMINDER Continuum 2xLP
*** "Reminder is the moniker of Joshua Abrams who has played with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Prefuse 73, Sam Prekop, Tortoise and Town & Country. Abrams has crafted an album of hugely enjoyable instrumental hiphop, taking a lo-fi sound you might expect to hear on a Bully release, adding a compositional charm that works a treat."

*** BACK IN STOCK! Fancy reissue.