Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEW ARRIVALS: CDs - Kurt Vile, Lykke Li, Alice Coltrane & more

SAXANA: The Girl On A Broomstick OST by Angelo Michajlov CD
*** RECOMMENDED "The previously unreleased spooked-out psychedelic-jazz score to 70s Czech's 'other' favourite teenage witch flick. This is instrumental and incidental music of the spooky variety only to be found in European cinemas. Put down the brass and pull out the electric bass and mid-tempo score sheets, add backwards percussion samples and eerie manmade Hex F.X."

*** RECOMMENDED "The music here is enchanting; it swings with precision and ease and draws the listener into its orbit with an uncommon grace. Alice Coltrane's compositions give the soloists ample material to explore and demonstrate her discerning compositional gifts. Along with some of Sanders's recordings from the same period, this is a rewarding, still not fully explored direction in jazz."

*** "Lasers features some of the most thought-provoking rhymes and concepts Fiasco has ever conceived, combined with irresistible melodies, production by the likes of Jerry Wonder and The Neptunes and others."

NICOLAS JAAR Space Is Only Noise CD
*** Already sold out!

LYKKE LI Wounded Rhymes CD
*** "Channeling the demise of The Shangri-La's Leader of the Pack, women under the influence, ladies and gentlemen of the canyon, a Kung-fu Marianne Faithful, and an armed Nancy Sinatra on peyote, Lykke Li has created an eleven song album that sounds like no other."

RAEKWON Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang CD
*** "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang, the long awaited concept album from Raekwon the Chef. Back with the gritty tales from the street that have made him a hip hop legend, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang captures Raekwon at the top of his lyrical game."

KURT VILE Smoke Ring For My Halo CD
*** "Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kurt Vile returns with a gorgeously layered record ranging from tender breezy folk to the tuff urban guitar riffery -- a sweeping & evocative project - a true American psychedelic folk album."

*** "Blessed is 12 new songs that cover an even wider emotional spectrum than her previous work, without moving too far in any one direction. Gritty, wise, uncompromising."