Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NEW ARRIVALS: CDs - Radiohead, Silk Flowers, Jad Fair, Chain & The Gang and more

v/a SHIM SHAM SHIMMY: Dr. Boogie Presents... CD
*** "Rare and lost recordings from the '20s to the '60s embraced at all the studios and night clubs in the U.S. -- boogie-woogie, R&B, slide guitar, electrified harmonica. This is an incredible house rockin' party platter."

v/a SOUND OF SIAM: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam In Thailand 1964-1975 CD
*** "Be it spaced-out jazz, raw funk or meditative sounds, Soundway has dug deep into the Thailand's vinyl archives to present Thai classical to Luk Krung and Luk Thung -- music that incorporated Western influences such as jazz, surf guitar, ballroom and even Latin and African."

ARBOURETUM The Gathering LP / CD
*** "The Gathering is the 4th album from the Baltimore band Arbouretum, borrowing themes from Jung and Bowles to explore the depths of the mind with long, expressive instrumental passages to explore the outer reaches of sonic space."

CHAIN & THE GANG Music's Not For Everyone LP / CD
*** "Music's Not For Everyone is pithy and succinct. Led by Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, Make Up, Weird War etc), there are roaring organ solos, shredding guitar, and plomping percussion with call and response vocals by fabulous back-up singers. Some will play this Music at pool parties, proms and pizzerias because there's a hard-edged dance groove. It sounds real 'earthy'."

ETERNAL TAPESTRY Beyond The 4th Door LP+MP3 / CD
*** "Beyond the 4th Door contains long stretches of melodic guitar improvisations, dark brooding songs that slowly build and expand to allow in layers of light harkening back to the early '70s experimental rock such as Popol Vuh, Cluster and Träd Gräs och Stenar."

JAD FAIR Beautiful Songs 3xCD
*** "Fire Records brings you a triple CD crammed with over one hundred of the best songs spanning the career of the legendary Jad Fair and his band Half Japanese. Liner notes by Everett True."

GRAILS Deep Politics 2xLP+MP3 / CD
*** "In their ongoing exploration of occult/fringe culture and the rich history of film music, they have cultivated a unique environment that inspires both an eternal sense of longing and an indelible sense of dread. Grails have found their true calling as purveyors of a new kind of library music."

HAYVANLAR ALEMI Guarana Super Power CD
*** RECOMMENDED "Turkish psych-rock + '80s post-punk experimental mind-melting, referencing Torch Of The Mystics-era Sun City Girls + tripped-out surf + retro Cambodian rock + electrified Thai Mor Lam & Saharan guitar music = AWESOME."

JIB KIDDER Library Catalog Music Series LP / CD
*** "For his Library Catalog release, Jib Kidder limited his sound pallette to the existing AK catalog, using only turntable manipulations, respatializing effects (echo, reverb, EQ) and splicing to create new mood-based shorts."


*** "Kompilation is a limited edition CD containing tracks from 1993's "Helikopter" through 2003's "Ask Yourself." It works as a collector's item just as well as an introduction to the Plastikman discography and reflects the running order of the 2010 Plastikman Live show."

*** "As single-minded as The Psychic Paramount's music may seem at first, it exists at higher elevations of decibel, intensity, motion, color, temperature and spills freely over the walls of genre, magma into new land. It is punk in its fury, noise in its rash extremity, and progressive in form."

RADIOHEAD The King Of Limbs LP / CD
*** New! Perhaps you've heard of this hot, young British band. I've heard that one of the members even dabbles in soundtracks and another is a "dee jay!"

*** RECOMMENDED "Silk Flowers are a synth-driven trio balancing parts of pop and noise with melodies that evoke emotion & counter typical notions of electronic music writing songs for live performance, creating a visceral dynamic event that fluctuates between gleeful dance music and rough-edged dissonance."

*** "The Skull Defekts are Sweden's answer to the States' Sonic Youth and the Netherlands' The Ex and one of the centerpieces of the Swedish experimental rock scene. Taking a base of classic rock & infusing it with circular composition, drone, tribal music, Indian ragas, '60s minimalism, and experimental music from numerous ages." Also: vocals by DANIEL HIGGS.

TAPE Revelationes LP+MP3 / CD
*** "This is the eagerly-awaited fifth full-length album from Sweden's Tape. Tape has been around since 2000, making music in between experimentalism, pop and folk."

THANK YOU Golden Worry LP+MP3 / CD
*** "An urgent collision of rhythm, melody, and noise with ears attuned to dub, Eno, 20th Century classical, and Konono No. 1, Thank You compose intricate yet immediate stunners. Ecstatic, fierce energy!"