Thursday, June 14, 2007


SVEN LIBAEK - Inner Space CD
"Trunk is thrilled to present a compilation of the great lost film music from Norwegian composer Sven Libaek, on CD for the very first time. An Australian resident for many years, Libaek is considered one of the most important little-mentioned film composers of all time. These are some of the most desirable recordings out there for film music collectors, jazz heads and beat diggers. Produced between 1965 and 1974, these recordings include sounds from four desirable and exceptionally rare Australian-only scores. The music is modal, beautiful, hypnotic, warm, welcoming and sounds like nothing else on earth. It's where jazz meets the shark, where waltzes meet wildfowl and longboard surfers meet a lively sea of cool flutes and groovy, spacey, moody vibes. Trunk contacted Libaek to see if he had any old vinyl or other recordings kicking about, and he sent a tape of "To Ride A White Horse," a rare recording of his surfing movie soundtrack from 1966 -- one of the earliest and rarest examples of this film music sub-genre. Over the years, the prices of Libaek originals have shot through the roof as interest in his recordings slowly and steadily increase. As soon as you begin listening you'll quickly notice why -- the bright, warm sound that is classic Libaek is irresistible. His melodies are hooky and unusual, and the perfect accompaniment for films about the sea, wildlife and nature. And now you can swim about in it, too."

Sven Libaek recently notoriety when two of his compositions ("Shark Attack Theme" and "Open Sea Theme," included here under their original titles) were used in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic. This is library music at its finest, loved by Stereolab, Broadcast, and Barry 7 among others (releasing Libaek's work spurred the excellent and out-of-print Barry 7's Connectors series of compilations).