Thursday, June 21, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: DVD ))))) Decasia, Paper Rad, Wilco, Lightning Bolt

*** "Created by award-winning avant-garde director Bill Morrison, DECASIA was edited entirely from found film footage left in archives that had decayed over time. The severe emulsion deterioration reveals the film stock in its basic chemical form and the images are stripped to their most primitive emotional state. The film was shaped to Michael Gordon's moving symphony performed by the 55-piece basel sinfonietta. The soundtrack is decaying itself: Gordon took the orchestra to musical extremes by detuning the instruments and using prepared pianos to further emphasize the powerful hallucinatory visual experience."
LIGHTNING BOLT The Power Of Salad & Milkshakes DVD
*** A sprawling tour film documenting Rhode Island's most infamous noise band. Hilarious and intense. Includes fridge scene.

PAPER RAD Taking Out The Trash/Faces In The Trash DVD
*** "PAPER RAD is a Pittsburgh, PA/Northampton, MA collective. This collective first started churning out cortex hemorrhaging lysergia comics and moved on to bands, videos, snack foods and installations. Past videos for the band for bands have included LIGHTNING BOLT and the PICK A WINNER video compilation. Think of this group showing up to the 80’s dance party with tazers and ketamine, and you waking up at the bottom of the ball tank at CHUCK E. CHEESE. Not suitable for work, but definitely suitable for family occasions!"

WILCO I Am Trying To Break Your Heart DVD