Friday, June 29, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: CDs ))))) Bad Brains, Frank Black, Grizzly Bear, The Hentchmen

*** RECOMMENDED "Think Can or Faust all mashed up with the personal disco of Arthur Russell. Think of the electric organ of Terry Riley's Shri Camel, slowly morphing and perpetually in motion, but remaining in step with a guitar-less and Moroder-charged Sparks. And think of a more composed Dead C, where Michael Morley sings about Big Thunder Mountain while holding a beach ball in one hand and fending off the digital shards of musique concrete humming around his ears with the other."

BAD BRAINS Build A Nation CD
*** Bad Brains first new album in years, featuring all four original members no less. It's the classic Brains formula: HC & reggae. Produced by MCA of the BEASTIES and recorded at BEASTIES' studio.

*** The first best-of compilation of Black Francis' solo career following the first demise of Pixies.

CEX Sketchi CD
*** "Cex's densest, darkest, and longest album to date; slow-moving ambient dirges that are heavy on the beats and light on vocals (being instrumental and all). There are sounds in these songs that you will swear are not of this world, and truth be told, you never know with the Cex man. Strictly limited to 1,000 copies."

*** 1977 album re-released! This ain't smooth jazz!

DOG DAY Night Group CD
*** RECOMMENDED "In many ways a pop group's success hinges on their ability to write memorable songs. Dog Day's Night Group not only delivers in this sense, but also shows how simple tunes can convey meaning, beauty, and honesty. Night Group shares qualities of classics like The Smith's The Queen Is Dead, or more recently Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped, which despite their extensive productions, sound effortless and raw."

*** "Gang Gang Dance's first ever DVD release, Retina Riddim. This film was made by Gang Gang Dance member, and visual artist, Brian DeGraw. Retina Riddim is by no means a tour film, documentary, live video, or anything as remotely stringent. Included on the DVD is a fan film, GGDbyOP, shot and edited on the road by Oliver Payne, a friend of the band's. As an added bonus Retina Riddim also contains an audio CD cut together by Degraw specifically for this release, and a fold-out poster designed by Mr. DeGraw. Retina Riddim is both a document of Gang Gang Dance's progress over the past few years, and a look forward to the direction they are moving in."

*** Re-release with new artwork of Gong's psychedelic space-rock brilliance. Shocker. Wild. Considered to be their magnum opus by some.

GRIZZLY BEAR Horn Of Plenty 2xCD
*** NOW IN STOCK! The first album by the Grizzlers featuring a bonus disc with remixes by DNTEL, SOFT PINK TRUTH (Drew of MATMOS), FINAL FANTASY, EFTERKLANG, THE CASTANETS, SOLIX, RUSTY SANTOS (Animal Collective bro), and more.

THE HENTCHMEN Hentch-Forth. Five. CD
*** "A first-time-on-CD reissue of the 1998 Hentch-Forth album from Detroit garage rockers THE HENTCHMEN along with friend and compadre JACK WHITE (THE WHITE STRIPES). Originally released the same day as the second White Stripes 7-inch (both records on Italy), the album's nine tracks have been remixed and digitally remastered to sound as the band and Jack had originally intended. Also included are all four songs from the Ham And Oil instrumental 7-inch, and one previously unheard gem."

METRIC Grow Up And Blow Away CD
*** An early, toned down release when Metric was a two-piece. Hot pants!

*** "My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden has decided to set loose her bobby pins and let her hair fly on the ambient dance floor. Her latest semi-collaboration with 13 different remixers, entitled "Tear It Down", reworks songs from the highly acclaimed album, "Bring Me The Workhorse" featuring tracks by Alias, Lusine, Murcof, Stakka and Gold Chains. Oh, it's international too! With diplomatic representatives from Belgium, France, Mexico, The UK and America (East and West Coasts baby!), the remixes range from drum-n-bass, to glitchy ambient, minimalism, and get-your-booty-on-the-dance-floor club music."

*** NILS PETER MOLVAER on trumpet and electronics, BUCKETHEAD on guitar, BERNIE WORRELL on keyboards, LILI HAYDEN on violin, KARL BERGER on strings, and then some.