Thursday, July 19, 2007

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: 12"s, EPs, & LPs ))))) Kompakt, Mo' Wax, Liquid Liquid, and more

v/a QUATERMASS: The Art Of Beats LP
*** BACK IN STOCK! Reissue of this unusual 1997 Mo'Wax "bootleg". "Includes DJ Shadow, Peanut Butter Wolf etc. Collection of trippy hip hop beats from all the greatest turntabilism DJs in that period."

JUAN ATKINS Fast Forward 12"
*** "Fast Forward differs slightly from the Back To Basics series, harking back to classic Juan material, yet with a new twist. 'The Mission' is minimal, melodic, electronic, dancefloor material, 'Tango' is an almost psychedelic drum workout, 'I Love You' is a vocal number with touches of his classic sound again, and 'Spin' is full of melancholy chords and stabs all underpinned with an awesome Detroit bassline proving why Juan, after 20 years +, is still the king of this genre."

GUI BORATTO Chromophobia Remixes Part 1 12"
*** "On the A-side we find an enormously exquisite "Mr.Decay" version by Robert Babicz, that has everything that a good remix needs, which keeps the original recognizable, yet is full of interpretations and surprises. On the B-side, darling of the hour The Field mixes "Hera," holding all the unmistakable, fantastic, futuristic qualities everyone loves about this track and about The Field."

BURIAL Burial 2xLP

BURIAL Ghost Hardware 12"
*** "No need for extensive sales notes on this one. It's three new tracks from the most high profile reclusive artist in the world right now, one or more of which may or may not appear on his almost-complete new album. This music does not represent any great stylistic shift, but at the same time neither does it go back over old ground... it is simply further first rate evidence of Burial's alchemical manipulation of mood, rhythm and sound."

DJ KOZE Kosi Comes Around Remixes Part 1 12"
*** "This is the first remix single of the unforgettable DJ Koze album Kosi Comes Around. Farben (aka Jan Jelinek) does the opener and sends "My Grandmotha" through the laptop sound labyrinth. What comes out is an artful and smartly grooving four-to-the-floor bass drum. Koze's bonus mix "Bobby" is noble ambient with a gentle beat, crowned by International Pony's cosmic guest chant. The B-side belongs to Matthew Dear aka Audion who cuts up "Raw" and rhythmically reassembles it."

DJ SHADOW The Best of Mo' Wax 12"s 2xEP
*** "Never before released on vinyl, this rare Mo Wax DJ shadow 12" compilation features all his finest moments from the early to mid-'90s when he was a founding member of the mighty Mo Wax label."

FALSE Fed On Youth 12"
*** "False (aka Matthew Dear) makes a welcome return to the Minus fold. After his recent adventures as Audion, Dear shifts down a gear to negotiate deeper, darker, minimal terrain. Let your mind wander while your feet do the work."

THE FIELD Things Keep... 12"
THE FIELD Sun & Ice 12"
THE FIELD From Here We Go Sublime 12"

GOBLIN Profondo Rosso LP
*** "The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult masterpiece by horror director Dario Argento. The movie (known in the US as Deep Red and starring David Hemming) has one of the most terrific and intense scores ever and sold millions of copies. New artwork. Gatefold sleeve. 180 gram HQ vinyl."

*** "Fast forward to 2007 and a new wave of French artists, lead by Ed Banger Records, are poised to have a similarly influential role in dance music as Gallic Daft Punk 10 years ago. Justice are on the cusp of putting out one of the most anticipated tracks in 'D.A.N.C.E.' -- the blog heat on this track is phenomenal. New 4-track EP from the JUSTICE crew."

JUSTICE Waters Of Nazareth (Part II) 12"
*** "Justice are back with their disciples -- Erol Alkan & DJ Funk remixes. Erol Alkan delivers the perfect edit for the faithful DJs. DJ Funk delivers the perfect beat for the booty shaker DJs. Justice delivers the perfect scratch version of their noisy classic."

LINDSTROM I Feel Space Remixes 12"
*** "Due to popular demand, one of 2005's Balearic anthems is back: 'I Feel Space' by highly respected Norwegian shooting star Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, now touched by the likes of Anu Pillai aka Freeform Five and the Berlin-Stuttgart Axis Messieurs Tiefschwartz and Turntablerocker."

LIQUID LIQUID Liquid Liquid 2xLP
*** BACK IN STOCK! "2LP re-issue, originally from 1997. Influenced & sampled by Grandmaster Flash ('Cavern'), & LL Cool J to name a very few, this album compiles the 3 EP's released by Liquid Liquid in the early '80s -- seminal funk no wave action!"

SHACKLETON Blood On My Hands (Villalobos Remix) 12"
*** "Villalobos' remix of Shackleton's 'Blood On My Hands' has been played out at major clubs such as Fabric and been featured on Radio One's Essential mix. Bigness!"

THE TUSS Rushup Edge 12" / CD
*** (See desc. in CDs) AKA RICHARD D. JAMES

THE TUSS Confederation Trough 3x12" / CD
*** (See desc. in CDs) AKA RICHARD D. JAMES

CLAUDE VON STROKE Who's Afraid Of Detroit 12"
*** "Claude VonStroke released the original as part of his Beware of the Bird album in 2006 as a tribute to his original home town of Detroit, Michigan." With remixes from Audion, Tanner Ross, Kevin Saunderson.