Monday, July 23, 2007

(( RECOMMENDED )) Goblin!

GOBLIN Dawn Of The Dead LP
"The original soundtrack recording for this 1979 US cult movie by horror director George A. Romero (the epic sequel to his legendary Night Of The Living Dead ). Terrific music score by Goblin and Dario Argento (yes, the Italian director). Liner notes by Roberto Zamori. Free poster included. 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve."

"In contrast to Argento's own fretful tempos, Goblin create a plodding, lumbering main theme which fits the slow movement of massed zombies. Fat drums, chunky bass, tubular bells, spaced-out synth chords -- the arrangement is a mutation of Black Sabbath's first LP and Morricone's early Spaghetti Western scores. Inappropriately overstated? Maybe. Luridly stylish? Definitely." -- Philip Brophy/ The Wire.

Best cover art ever! And my goodness, the music contained within.... If you've never seen the original Dawn Of The Dead, you've no idea how effective and bizarre the score is, accentuating to the Nth degree the tension and creepiness of one of the finest horror films of all time.