Tuesday, October 7, 2008

((((( NEW ARRIVALS: Vinyl ))))) Deerhood, Michna, and every Misfits LP around...

DEERHOOF Offend Maggie LP+MP3 / CD
*** "On Offend Maggie a friction between tragic and comic, masculine and feminine, is played out in spectacularly dramatic fashion. This famously cheerful band can certainly summon the thunderclouds when needed. Like the traditional enka music of Japan that Satomi counts among her childhood influences, these songs are often haunted by heartbreak and frustration, but at the same time they're universal, and meant to give courage to the listener."

MICHNA Selections From Magic Monday LP
*** "NYC producer MICHNA (SFC, BONDE DO ROLE, DIPLO) comes correct with skullsnap bets and playful electronics by the pound." FADER says: “With each song, Michna pumps city grit into the watery graves of mixtapes past. Post-bass, ambient, whispers of acid jazz, it’s all there.”

THE MISFITS just about every Misfits LP available LP
*** No, really. We just stocked up. Major stock up. Holy smokes.