Thursday, October 23, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Chicago droners White/Light

*** "Black Acts is the new one by Chicago drrrr-oh-oh-oh-oh-ne dudes White/Light. As in drone music. As in psychedelic, electric, amplified, instrumental, noisy, makes-your-family-crazy music. This one's dark, as in Dario Argento-style spooky.

"Guitars and pedals and amps and analog synths and more pedals and more amps, until the shit sounds like it's gonna melt. And then they do it again, with more pedals but fewer amps and maybe this time with an Indian Sruti box instead of a guitar and a bowed cymbal and some contact mics and tremolo and a shit-ton of reverb, and then back out through a spinning speaker and just one mic in the room facing the wrong way."

Sonic Youth's soundguy and his pal create scalding drones that ripple and blister across the brain like some wicked chemical peel. These are NOT passive drones -- this is staring into the void, the content of which being a blinding white light.