Thursday, October 30, 2008


MI AMI Ark Of The Covenant 12"
*** "Heavy and frantic dub punk from San Francisco's Mi Ami, featuring two former members of Dischord's Black Eyes (yes!). A spacious exploration of 21st century paranoia and psycho-sexual body terror. Debut release from Lovers Rock. Limited to 500 copies, 45rpm, 140 gram vinyl, hand screened covers."

In the vein of their first, excellent, and now out-of-print 12", Mi Ami bring the thick dub/skree in a dark and fevered wall-of-squall. "Ark of the Convenant" is rock at its most strangled and contorted, more discombobulated and obscure than anything Black Eyes laid to tape. The B-side is a significantly more subdued dub version of "Ark" undoubtedly as great (ehhh... maybe even better) as the original. Highly, highly recommended.