Thursday, October 2, 2008

(( RECOMMENDED )) Emeralds

EMERALDS Solar Bridge CD
"After numerous cassette and cd-r releases, Hanson Records is proud to release Emerald's first full-length album. Born out of the midwest scum-noise scene, the trio have replaced the creepy atmosphere and abrasive harsh noise of their peers w/ a VERY DIFFERENT though EQUALLY INTENSE assault of COSMIC DRONE POWER!

"The album opens with the side long 'MAGIC' where the band builds a quiet drone into an extreme thick sawblade of swirling noise as beautiful as it is menacing. The flip is yet another sidelong journey titled 'THE QUAKING MESS', a track that stabs your brain with fluttering sparks of synthesized needles before relaxing you into a Göttschingesque dream state while slowly bringing you back to earth with an electronic wave of molten rumble."

Two powerful, thick krautbombs and totally heavy in that it makes one stare into his or her own soul. Limited edition killer stuff -- they only made 1000 copies! Must have.